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Top 5 poker Guinness World Records. ... Lew didn't just want to break the record for the most hands played; he also wanted to finish with a profit. ... Longest Marathon Playing Poker by an Individual.

What Is Your Longest Bad Run? - posted in General Poker Forum: I am curious about the streaks that we all go through.Mine is going on 5 months now. I know that in that time I have made some bad plays and tilted off some chips. But the overwhelming majority of the hands have been just unreal bad beats.I'm not going broke or anything, but it sure is getting tough to enjoy the game when ... SNG breakeven stretch - Poker Advice - PocketFives im currently experiencing a 250+ breakeven streach getting sucked out on non stop for big stacks and doing no sucking out. Its getting very gross, im about to quit . Has anyone else experienced this, and overcome it. Ive already smashed a cell phone, punched a dent in my wall and damaged the door... what is your longest break even streak for SNGs - Poker ... I play the 16 turbos on stars and just realized i had a 19% ROI over my first ~300 and I have broken even over my last ~300. Very frustrating.

SNG breakeven stretch - Poker Advice - PocketFives

Obviously poker is technically one big long session. But it's still broken up into smaller time increments (like sitting down and playing for a few hours). Five-minute filler: Yoga for poker players - Pokerstars Blog

Finally new career peak after long break even stretch...

Having to sustain long stretches where skill does not equal results makes the mental game even more important in poker than in golf.3. You create the potential for an even greater A-game when you eliminate your mental and poker C-games because mental space is freed up to learn new things. Colonel Porkinson's $10,000 poker grind: ENd of day 21 Another losing day and a 80k hand break even stretch at the table (wining with rakeback), how do you know you aren't a loser and a degenerate addict?As long as I keep seeing these situations I know I will beat the game in the long run, in the mean time i'll just settle for rakeback (500-600 euros a week... Taking a Break from Poker - Part One - OddsNPots Taking a break from the poker table can make you money in the long-haul.Although the reasons to may vary, taking a break from the tables can be difficult to do.Are you due for a bigger break than this? Even when you are winning, taking a longer break is healthy. Break even poker definition | Best games - play for free

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Monster Stack Event Breaks the WSOP Records - PokerTube 03:02 27 Jun. Another one of the special WSOP events that started earlier today is the Monster Stack tournament.It was designed in a way that offers the maximum amount of play for the small buyin, as $1,500 grants you a seat and 15,000 chips starting stack to work with. Quickest on the Draw - bestbetjax.com The longest shot on the board won the 5th race on the card and paid a whopping $35.40 to win. Trackinfo Stud broke the mold even in this race as he came from just off the pace to get things done in the stretch. Flying Chandler outrushed the rival to the front end, but he could not shake loose no matter how hard he tried. Round 1: Play the Man, Not the Cards | Raise Your Game Round 1: The Newbie Tonight, my first time in the SIG tournament, was the longest stretch of poker I've played in my life. When you're in a poker tournament for the first time, you want nothing more than to play your hands and win big. But when I picked up my first cards, I realized that if I played […]